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 marie laboucarie


UNF! I love Anastasia <3 


"Rain on The Morning Bird’s Throat"
Philadelphia, Pa 2014 

Corwin Prescott - Nicole Vaunt - Anastasia Arteyeva

2-3/? of Karen Gillan

Hey, you’re Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd, that’s a lot of names. A lot of rich sounding names.

MOVIE ALPHABET: Lars and the Real Girl

Sometimes I get so lonely I forget what day it is, and how to spell my name.


The whole time I was editing these I kept thinking:

"Tegan looks as though someone just murdered a giraffe in the audience"


Second shoot today.

Oh hey. Today is Joey’s 24th birthday. Why is he on my mind? Because I’m writing my English essay about him. (It’s actually about the culture shock of dating someone who’s a different religion). Anyway. I’m at school and thought I’d use my break between classes to write since it’s been a week and my last journal was just about the Jesse Lacey snafu. Of course, I’ve forgotten majority of what I wanted to say. I have nothing going on. School, gym, work. It’s hot and monsoony. Something is wrong with my mom. She thought it was her gallbladder but it’s not. So now she thinks it’s lupus or leukemia. I’m sure she’s fine, but prayers and well wishes would be appreciated. I was going to write about some work stuff but eh. And there’s another thing, but I better wait on that. So basically everything is the same.

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miss u!

I don’t just want to be your escape from reality