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The best of “Mad Men”. Part 1.
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"Angels are warriors of God. I'm a soldier."

I showed Tiffany Andrew’s Facebook messages and i mouthed “What the fuck?” to her and then Alex, a 7 year old asked me “Do you go to church?” I said “Yeah, why?” and he goes “Then why did you mouth that to her like that?” 

It’s not a good day. It’s not necessarily a bad day either. It’s just on the cusp. First of all, being sick and having to be outside when it’s hot is a no. I was just not on top of my game today because of the sick and because i’ve missed two days (which, remind me to never do again). But then. At the most chaotic time of the day, we just came in from outside and i check my phone and go to check Facebook (because last night i messaged him since it’s been more than a month since he responded to one of my texts) and i had a new message but not from him, no. From Andrew. Of course. He gave me his email and phone number and said “Let’s get married ASAP” followed by his address (in Texas) and “I’m in my bed” and “Please understand before hand that we may need to talk over the phone first”. So i text him. And he keeps calling me his wife. And i’m like “What are you talking about?” and then he goes “Let’s talk about sex, love, dating, relationships” and i said “Well, i know you lived with another girl like 3 months after we broke up” and he said “Come on :(” and then insanity ensued. I don’t know what the fuck he was talking about but apparently i pissed him off/hurt him and he hasn’t replied since. Cool. And he hasn’t read the message either. My thought is he’s read it but hasn’t opened it, ya know? And it’s all very ironic because today during break, i was telling Tiffany about him. The other him. The him pretty much no one knows about. So everything is just gr8. And i feel like a huge wave of terrible is about to engulf me. 

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I like that he knows what book I’m reading. I like that his fingerprints are all over the things I touch most. I like that he’s on my hair.