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Valentino Fall 2012 Details 

I have been awake and actively using my brain for more than 12 hours. I woke up at 6:40 to a text from Tiffany saying she was going to call out cause she didn’t feel good. I tried to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later when i went to text her back, Andrew called me. Insert 15 minute conversation about usual Andrew insanity. Then Tiffany told me she could go to work but didn’t have a way to get there since her van was still being worked on so she asked Martha if it was okay that she come an hour later with me. So my mom and i went and picked her and Kiersten up and then since we had no means of transportation, we sat in Fellowship Hall on break and just talked. And then she stayed until closing with me cause my mom was going to take them back home but then Kiersten’s grandpa came with her van. So Tiffany and i have spent 8 hours straight with each other today. We floated the idea of moving in together. Her lease is up in August and she’s struggling by herself. She was saying this guy she’s been seeing wants her and Kiersten to move in with him but i told her i think that’s a bad idea. She said that her mom wants to move in with her but she doesn’t want to do that. We were briefly looking at houses. It’s actually like a really good idea because Tiffany is 100% trustworthy and reliable and not shitty and shady and we get along so well and i love Kiersten and i could help with her. But, we’d have to live in a 3 bedroom and the most we could really afford would be $1,000 a month and that would be pushing it. We don’t make enough at the preschool to sustain that plus all of the expenses. Even though she does get child support. But all of that is the least of the problem, really. I can’t drive. Even if i could, i don’t have a car and definitely could not afford to get one. Plus, i need to start school in the fall and i probably won’t work full time when that happens. And i probably won’t work at the preschool either. So it’s pretty much dead in the water but i really, really, really want to/wish i could. Okay, i have lots of TV to watch and candy to eat and feelings to feel so bye 

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Found sparkly sticker letters in the drawer at work and decided to spell out my sentiments. I’m mature today

(9x18) Meta Fiction

You gotta keep on keeping on
Even with the feeling 
that you’re gonna keep losing
You gotta come back strong (+)

Penis ice water. Tiffany and I are laughing way too hard