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Les Beehive – EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro by James White, June 27th 2014

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When you’ve spent weeks engulfed in Grey’s Anatomy, you start using surgical/medical metaphors in your writing


I just realized, you have two jobs don’t you?

Being a boss as always

Okay, where to start? Well, when i last wrote, Andrew was in town. He said he wanted to see me. I decided that it would be ideal for him to come to work while i was on my break. (Cause ya know, it’s not like my boss and my pastors are there. And it’s not like anyone would notice i was hanging out with some guy in the parking lot). Buuuuut i never heard back from him. Then, last Wednesday he said “We should meet at the park tonight”. I asked what time and he never responded. Then Thursday morning, he sent me this

I was like “Well, okay, if you don’t want to try and i’m not worth it”. He never replied. I said “Okay bye” and deleted our entire thread of messages. Every message we’ve exchanged since March 2013. And i deleted him from my friends list. Over the weekend he replied with a thumbs up. Pissed me off. I went on his page to see he changed his cover photo to a picture that said “A woman doesn’t change a man because she loves him. He changes because he loves her”. I was enraged. But i didn’t say anything. So yesterday at work, i check his page and he’s posting how he’s finally getting on track etcetc. And i got mad again. And messaged him saying “You know, you wouldn’t even be back in Arizona if it weren’t for me. I bought you a ticket home and you never even thanked me”. I immediately regretted it. This morning he replies saying “I tried to OD on Lithium”. I told him he needs to get help. He said “Yep”. And proceeded to post about how he was climbing trees and other melodramatic shit. I SHOULD STOP, RIGHT? Nope. Not done yet. I message him again saying “So are you done with me?”. WHAT????? I could gouge my eyes out. Literally. What the fuck is my problem. I’m honestly praying at this point that he says “I don’t ever want to talk to you again. I hate you”. I’m so lonely. I have nothing going on. I’m also praying that i’ll meet someone when i start school. I have dreams of meeting someone and him asking me out and having my first real adult date. But when the fuck have my dreams ever become reality???? I’m going to be 40 before i have sex again. But school. Yeah. August 25th, i will start school. 8-11, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I’ll work 12-6:30. I’m also going to start working out with my friend. It’s a weird long story how she became my friend and i don’t feel like telling it now. That’s pretty much it. Life is frustratingly monotonous and boring these days. PLEASE GOD. GIVE ME SOMETHING. 

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Folie à Deux is the fourth studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy.


the best moment in film history